The Phoenix – Take Hold Template

The Phoenix – Take Hold Template

The energies of now that we are experiencing, are truly playing havoc on us all. It is a testing time for the reason that we are being faced with many challenges within our daily lives. From family issues, business challenges and above all relationship issues, not just with family, friends or partners but with ourselves.

We are being confronted with growth on many levels. That is to say it is time to remove outdated modes of thinking and doing and bring forth ideals and thoughts in which can help us move forward in our day to day lives that will help us transition with the new vibrations we are all experiencing. It is not just humans that are experiencing these demands but also the world in which we live. We are seeing an increase in natural disasters from earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes and seismic activity. Just as our vibration is shifting so is Gaia.

There are many ways in which we can help ourselves in these shifts and to continually grow. Through my work as an energetic healer, I found a passion for creating vibrational grids and essences.

i have spoken a number of times on gridding and here is a reiteration of previous work to tell you some hows and whys of gridding and using energy in our every day lives.

Grinding is an art form which can be expressed in many different ways.

I like to compare it to writing a music composition. “When we grid, we are bringing in light, colour and sound which comprises of different vibrational frequencies. It can include crystals, herbs, feathers, fruit, the list is endless. When placed all together, we create a specific ‘musical’ harmonic which creates the most amazing vibrational frequency which can be felt and maybe even heard by some.” ©Phoenix Gateway

Gridding is so amazing because energy and intention is not confined to time or place.

Everything in the universe is moving, living energy which vibrates to a certain frequency be it plant, animal, human or gemstone.

Gridding is a technique that can be used by either laying on of stones onto the physical body or by placement around an object, a room, a house, an animal, earth healing so placing on an area you feel needs support, or creating a sacred space or an area in which you can work by setting up a grid to work with the intention of healing. Gridding can also be created to bring about a certain frequency in which you would like to work with. Within all grid work, we can of course create vibrational essences, mists, and oils to then work with as we need it.

My work is all based around sacred geometry. That is a sacred language of the universe using patterns which can be seen within our entire galaxy from the atomic (micro) to the galactic (macro). These patterns present themselves through nature, designs and structures all over the world. It is the template in which the material universe is based upon in every aspect known.

The templates can be used in a multitude of ways. Either in a healing session, laying on your body or under a massage table. Sleep with them under your pillow or next to your bed. You may even like to create your own grid and place crystals, photos, herbs, fruit, candles or any other item of interest for your specific intent. From this you can also then make your own essence.You may even like to stand on them or hang them on your wall. At any given time, you may use templates and essences together and you can use more than one at a time of each item.

In this post, I am introducing you to one of the templates, Take Hold.

The Phoenix – Take Hold Template

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that has the ability to consciously consume itself into flames when he knows death is eminent and then rise again from those very same ashes.

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, he takes hold of the essence of his whole being, bringing through with him the remnants of his past.

The Phoenix is a representation of our being. We all have a path to follow once we choose to walk the Earth’s plane but the method we use to get to where we are supposed to be going is matter of choice. We can choose to walk a path of light, understanding and growth or go down a path that is dreary, dark and one that contains addiction.

Phoenix is here to show us that throughout life, transformation is inevitable. To truly gain a full life here on earth, we must awaken ourselves on a conscious level that allows us to see the depth of the layers of not only our soul but that of our surroundings.

We are all given choice and free will when we birth through our Soul Star to create the lives we want to live before we encounter the inevitability of death.

As we open up on a more conscious level living in a 3D body in 5th dimensional frequencies, we are learning to create the transformation needed in the time we are here, to not only make our lives better, but that of the world in which we are living. We are being able to see our unlimited potential. Use the Take Hold Template;

To reach and find your unlimited potential

Work on your dreams, desires and aspirations

Sexual awakening

Unlimited Creativity


Letting go

Willingness to change

Remove blockages

The Phoenix – Take Hold Template The Phoenix – Take Hold Template  

All my gridding templates and essences can be purchased from my website – and can be found here.

On any healing services bought, please be aware that they are not a replacement for medical care, professional counselling or guidance. They are seen as a complimentary therapy that can be used in conjunction with medical treatment. I take no responsibility for any health decisions made by the client, if they so choose, to terminate any treatments they are having or using as this is solely the ownership of the client in question.