The Awakening Codes

The Awakening Codes


Awakening Template
The songs of the deep can be heard reverberating throughout the ocean. Whale graces us with ancient knowledge of yesteryear. It is delivered through sound waves that penetrate and touch us at the deepest of our core, within our cellular memory, our DNA.
These frequencies have carried through lifetimes and can lay dormant for many, until such time these memories are triggered through the awakening process.
Whale is here to teach us that we are all one and connected through the blueprint of creation. Whale is the record keeper of our planet and beyond. They hold within the Akashic records, that is everything which has occurred and will occur in the past, present and future. Through the awakening process, we learn that we are all unified and the knowledge within will start emerging, our perception and understanding will strengthen on all levels of our being. We will find and nurture our inner balance, harmony and gifts.
Whale as seen in this template, is joined by an umbilical cord of DNA to the Archimedean solid that is the truncated octahedron.

Truncated Octahedron – google images.
This solid has 14 faces. 8 faces are regular hexagons and 6 are square. The hexagon relates to the heart and the square to earth. For me, it is a representation of the earth heart and hence our connection to The All. We are connected through a multitude of vibrational frequencies and it can be explained through the string theory and quantum entanglement. Another is the theory which explains the hundredth monkey effect.
Our heart is a powerful transmitter and receiver. As we open our hearts to who we are, our role here on this physical plane to learn to love unconditionally, especially ourselves, we then expand the energy frequencies around our heart, transmitting divine vibrational frequencies that will ultimately connect us on all levels of our being.
It is time to release any outdated belief systems and emotional baggage. Trust whale to show you the clarity you need to shift gracefully with the energies our world is emitting. Like whale, we need to slow down, move with grace and learn to breathe as we go through rapid transformation, transmutation and a rewiring of our DNA to accommodate working in higher multi-dimensional states of being.
Whale Medicine is the accompanying essence to use with this template.


Whale Medicine Essence
ΨWell being
ΨEmotional release
ΨBreathe – believe
ΨSlow down – graceful



The Awakening Codes
Around the 13th April 2017, I awoke to a dream that really stopped me in my tracks. Most of the dream is a blur but the part that grabbed my attention told me my blood glucose level was 31.3 mmol/L. Firstly, I am not diabetic. To have a reading that high I would most likely become unconscious and in dire need of medical attention to avoid death.
I knew my dream wasn’t literal. I looked up Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your life. It states that diabetes is “the longing for what might have been. A great need to control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left”. This didn’t resonate either.
The number 31.3 however, played on my mind. Do I compound the numbers to create 4.3, and maybe it is a form of musical harmonic or do I look at it from the perspective of a palindrome? That is whatever you read forward, is the same backward. I asked a friend about the mathematical significance of this number I was shown. I still didn’t feel I had found my answer but the fact that he told me the angle of the roof of the Egyptian pyramids is 31 as well as the king’s chamber, made me realise there is a deeper significance to my dream.
For a long time now, I have seen many triple numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444 and 555. Numbers are of significance as behind them is not only a vibration but a meaning. They are easily accessible on the internet to define and decode each number. Since my dream, on a daily basis and sometimes a dozen times a day or more, I have been seeing numbers in palindromes continuously, such as 1.01, 2.32, 5.45, 6.06, 8.08 and so on.
Over the last few months, I have tried to understand the meaning behind this. So much has been happening and many messages started to come through, especially after learning Pellowah back in July. The synchronicities are vast. The most significant details that came through for me during this amazing workshop was to do with the correlation of the pyramids and Orion’s Belt. This opened up yet another level of learning and the need to understand the puzzle I am trying to put together. Shortly after the workshop, Thoth came through and I started channeling him. I will share my first encounter of this here as I know it is all connected to what I need to convey and bring a better understanding to.
First channeled session with Thoth 17/7/17
“I am Thoth, keeper of the emerald Tablets. I am mesmerized by your inner beauty and your hard work. You shine your light for all to see. You are in the infancy stages and will write a book when you have the lightbulb moment.
I am air to the throne of Egypt. In Lak’ech we rise once again to journey. I will teach you harmonics, you will learn through trial and tribulations. I will teach you by connecting the dots through the star systems.
Orion’s Belt holds the key to the universe. It is a mysterious gateway and the stars are musical notes. You must tune in and read Keys to Enoch as answers you must find.
It is the awakening of consciousness and humanity. For thousands of years you as a civilization have been asleep. The time has come to truly walk your path and to gain the wisdom and knowledge the ancient ones encoded for your journey. You hold the key to journey in one man’s land.
We have to learn superiority to work with and activate the true universal harmonics and by doing this we will activate higher dimensions and instill the light codes within our beings. You have no idea of what truly exists”.
Thoth’s words speak clearly of the awakening process that is happening right now. After this experience, I found a quote by Carl Jung which I found resonated with what I had just been told.
“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”.
Time is the most significant reminder to me of what we are facing individually and as a collective. The significance of time as a palindrome has started to now become clearer. To me, there are a number of ways in which we can look at this.
The first way is through the Schumann’s resonance which is defined as the Earth’s heartbeat and was discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted this mathematically in 1952. It is the global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon.
The Schumann resonance occurs at its fundamental frequency around 7.83hz. (Hertz equals cycles/second). There are 8 varying frequencies within the Schumann resonance and within this range, there are distinct peaks. It can range from 3-60hz. However, what we are seeing and experiencing is this resonance increasing and faster than expected. It seems as time is going by, we are experiencing higher than normal peaks and this is affecting us on a number of different levels.
As stated earlier, the norm of the Schumann resonance is 7.83hz. Around 2014, it started to rise and was being measured around 11-14hz. In January 2017, it was measured around 36hz and at Easter time 2017, it jumped to an astounding 90hz.
To understand a little further, it is important to understand brain waves. The reason being as Rollin McCraty, director of research at the Heartmath institute explains, the Schumann’s resonance overlaps human brain frequencies. You can transfer energy and information when two systems vibrate at the same frequency. Human beings and the earth are at the same resonant frequency.
Brain waves –
Delta – 1.4hz – deep sleep/unconscious
Theta 4-8hz – light sleep/deep meditation
Alpha 8-14hz – light meditation – basis of conscious awareness
Beta – 14-40hz – heightened awareness
Gamma – 40+hz – burst of insight/anxiety
As our brain waves are synchronised to the earths heartbeat, we sit at lower frequencies. With the peaks occurring and more often, we are finding ourselves going more into beta-gamma brain waves. This means our senses are more heightened, we are opening our minds to higher information and processing more and for many they are going through the awakening process. It also means, for many, there are higher levels of anxiety and stress being felt, on top of every day occurrences.
The other cause is due to a fluctuation in the geomagnetic field. This affects our north and south poles. It has a direct influence on the ionosphere and the earth’s surface. The sun has a direct impact on this through sun flares and solar shifts. Through these occurrences, it seems to weaken the geomagnetic field which in turn directly influences the Schumann’s resonance and hence the frequencies rise considerably.
It is actually the heart that synchronises more so to the earth. At the Heartmath institute, they have discovered that the heart drives brain activity. “If the brain is the radio’s receiver, then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice”. Nassim Haramein.
Conscious evolution is upon us. We are vibrating at higher frequencies than ever. We are awakening. Time is appearing faster as these resonant shifts occur and as we are becoming more aware of our surroundings, higher information is being channelled and processing needs to be done. My belief is that through number, in particular, we are being shown what is occurring in our reality and it is up to each individual and as a collective to work with what is in front of us. As the numbers being shown to me are the same backward as they are forward, expansion is happening on all levels and we are part of a collective living on a magnificent planet we call earth. The more they appear, I am starting to feel it a sign to say I am on the right track, I am following and aligned with my higher purpose.
I had a person comment on a post I put up on the numbers saying that when he is aligned, he sees the numbers in palindromes. When he is having an off day, the numbers he is seeing are telling him also. Examples are 12.11, 9.58, 7.46 and so on.
Another way these numbers appear to have meaning is by looking at the shadow self or at a soulmate connection. Whether this be through friendship or at a deeper level of true love of a partner. This may be something not everyone resonates with; however, it is another aspect I find to be relevant and have seen synchronicity in it on levels of relationship within myself as well as talking to others.
When working with the shadow self, we are working on the mirror images of light and dark. With a soulmate, we work on aspects of mirroring our love, our connection, to work in synchronicity as two separate individuals who have the ability to meld into one.
Through Thoth, I have channelled in only a few sessions some insight I will write here and finish with. There are many souls out there who can truly resonate with what I have written. Are you one of them?
Thoth channelled through me again and gave me some insight on how to look at the awakening process and its importance for human survival.
“The deluge this world is facing will be brought upon them. The arrogance of people needs to be curbed.
Fate of the people will rely heavily on their awakening of their light codes. The awakening process must be quick. It will be lightning bolt fast. Work with the frequencies of the earth, 432hz.
The frequencies between the pyramids and Orion’s Belt fluctuate. It is like a song of different notes.
Sacred geometry is natures divine way of expanding through number and pattern form.
The complex chambers within the pyramids act as vibratory chambers. Energy is brought up through the earth. Underneath the pyramid of Giza flows an ancient river extended from the Nile. Energy zigzags through each chamber and out the top. The resonance or frequency is enhanced as it passes through the quartz and limestone in the chambers. Hence the pyramid is a tuning fork. Energy hits the middle star on Orion’s Belt sending energy to form a T formation”.
A few days later, I received another channelled message –
“The time of healing is upon us. Rise up and face the sun. allow the ancient coding of light to fill your mind, body and spirit with the flames of the golden orb as our DNA is encoded with a map of the star systems.
It is time to resurrect your being and bring the glory of divinity and awakening your soul’s purpose.

Trust in the process you are about to embark on. It is a journey not for the faint hearted” .

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