San Pedro is a cactus that grows wildly within Peru. San Pedro is mainly used within Shamanic Ritual. Even though it is normally taken at night, our experience was during the day. Unlike ayuahuasca which is more an outer body experience and other sacred plant medicines, san pedro allows you to remain in your body and recognise your environment. It is a heart healer that allows you to heal on all levels , that is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The way I perceive it is that it brings the unconscious brain into the conscious. It allows us to see what needs healing, the hows, whats and whys of any issues can begin to be answered and learnt how to be dealt with.


San Pedro Cactus

I embarked on a life changing journey to Peru recently. Within the tour I was apart of, I knew that 2 days were going to be spent using the plant medicine, San Pedro. I was feeling quite hesitant as I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard of ahuawasca and had heard some intense stories. I was hoping that San Pedro was different.

The day arrived to attend our first Huachuma ceremony. We entered a divine oasis . From the dirt roads and vast fields of Cuzco, a mystical chakana door was opened to a garden oasis that dreams are made of.

To attend the ceremony, Lesley Myburgh opens her home to an environment you don’t want to ever leave. A haven surrounded by sacred geometry, divine deitys, exquisite flowering plants that attract hummingbirds from all over.



Each of us greeted by the beautiful huachumama goddess and made to feel at home and make you forget what it is you have come for.

We gathered in the moloka. A divine spiritual structure that was mesmerising . Beautiful artwork on the walls, a Mesa fit for a queen, places to sit comfortably and of course bottles of San Pedro .

As Lesley started talking, I listened intently. This was new for me and I knew I had to remain open to what was to come and allow myself the healing I needed.

Lesley’s connection to Huachuma is incredible. Her knowledge and understanding allowed me to feel comfortable. Her words of the plant medicine being heart based and once you have used it, it stays with you for life , was so comforting.

I was ready. Knowing I had to place my intentions into San Pedro and drink quickly due to the thickness and bitter taste was done with surprising ease.

We proceeded to go around the group telling each other our gratitude and intentions. I was feeling ok for about 40 minutes but then I felt a full shift occur. I was in my body but floating. In my head telling myself to trust and allow. Feeling nauseated and quietly hoping I wouldn’t purge . Too late. I left the room . My first purge caused considerable spasm in my sacral centre. The pain unbearable for 5 minutes. I kept hearing Lesley’s words of trust and listen to the medicine. I knew San Pedro was telling me this was the area of my body I needed to concentrate on. The purging continued and the headache intense but I knew I had to experience this to understand what needed healing.

Time was lost and I lay all day wondering, emotional and trying to understand. After a while Lesley approached me, helped me to understand my pain and hold space for me which helped immensely. I knew as the end of the day approached that this was just the beginning. Huachuma told me I needed to sit in ceremony 3 times before I left. I started to gain an understanding but didn’t receive all what I needed.


Chakanah depicting the 3 worlds

The following week we came back to Lesley’s house to sit out second ceremony. I chose to only drink half a glass this time ( as I think deep down I was fearful of purging and going through a similar experience ).

When it came to placing our intentions into the medicine, I had a very clear knowing of what I wanted to be shown. As the medicine kicked in, I found myself unsettled, not knowing if I wanted to sit or stand or even purge. I wasn’t seeing any part of my intention and questioned what I had to do. To my surprise, Huachuma wanted to show me something very different to my intention. It brought me to tears. What I was shown was the biggest heart opening I had ever experienced. It showed me what it mean to experience pure love but not just from the heart, from the depth of my soul. This is a love I have never experienced in this physical life but knew it had come from the past. So much gratitude felt.

On my final ceremony, I found myself thinking in a much different light. As much as Huachuma is about intention, it is also about what huachuma needs to show you. I made a decision to set my intention as just that. The day was long. I purged a number of times but with each purge I found myself being grateful that I was letting go of what I have held onto for so long. That of grief and sorrow. But, that wasn’t the end. There was more in stall. The beauty of what I rediscovered was priceless. It was like the culmination of the 3 ceremonies I had sat. each showing me different lessons and rediscovering things I thought were lost.

San Pedro is a plant medicine that needs to be respected and understood. If you allow yourself to be open and willing to allow the medicine to work with you, the results will be there for you. It is a sacred plant of Peru and Pachamama. My gratitude is priceless and I know that I will work with San Pedro again. From my experience, I truly believe that to get the full effect of its medicine, it needs to be carried out by someone who knows this medicine to the core and needs to be used in the heartland of Peru. The energies of this land are like nothing I have ever felt before and its energy travels deep within the medicine of this land. If you are looking for a full heart awakening then this is the medicine to trust.

Although some of my experiences were hard, everyone experiences something different and no two are alike. I have heard of those experiencing pure orgasmic bliss ( have to say maybe this will be shown to me some day lol).

So much love and respect to Huachuma and the mother of Huachuma, Lesley Myburgh. The Apus and Pachamama.

Aho x