Reading for the week May 6-12.

Reading for the week May 6-12.

Reading for the week May 6-12.

Change is inevitable. At present you may be working on a project in your home, business or with your family. You are currently at the creation station bringing together thoughts and ideas that you have been thinking about and nurturing for some time.

On a very personal level, it is about listening to your soul’s desire or soul expression. The way we have been living may not be serving us as well anymore. It may be time to truly express what is necessary for you right now and maybe for you to be not just seen but heard. It maybe that you need to change your diet or bad habits that are becoming outdated. We are continually letting go of old outdated belief systems. For some it may be expressed through physical illness and for some even via emotional pain, anger, grief, hurt and so on. It’s important too honour and acknowledge this as you release it.

Yesterday was the new moon and an exceptional time to manifest what you need to bring into your world. We are not just healing all levels of our being but going through an ascension that just keeps speeding up. Lessons needing to be learnt at a faster pace to being in these new energies.

Keep honouring yourself and nurturing you this week. What comes into play is there for a reason, for us to learn from and make decisions.

Sorry reading was cut off at the end but it was pretty much done.

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