Phoenix Gateway List of Vibrational essences for Use

Phoenix Gateway List of Vibrational essences for Use


Phoenix Gateway List of Vibrational essences for Use


Owl Medicine Essence:
Shifting old patterns of belief
Feeling psychically blocked
Emotionally down
Needing insight and clarity
Finding your path both spiritually and physically
Attune to higher vibrations


Wolf Medicine Essence:
You need to help clear childhood issues
Self-love, self-worth, compassion of self and others
Acknowledgement of self, nurturing
Speaking (voicing) your heartfelt desires
Activating and opening the heart centre and throat


Snake Medicine Essence:
Transformation, reweaving, reactivating and cleansing our DNA patterns
Quantum leaping and Evolutionary changes
Adapting to new frequencies
Shift of consciousness
Opening our heart and anchoring our body of light


Trilogy Essence:
Trilogy Essence is a combination of Owl, Wolf and Snake Medicine


Starlight Essence Medicine:
It is grounding and makes the person taking it more tolerant.
It will give the person the ability to cope and work within the specified parameters of whatever they are doing.
Refines behaviour.
Reactivate DNA coding.
Reawaken the subconscious and help remind them of who they are.


The Triple Goddess Essence:
It is an essence for empowerment, nurturing, self-loving, creativity and healing. It assists you on all levels emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Condor Medicine Essence:
Soar above your limitations
Break limited patterns of belief
Change thought patterns
Reweave DNA patterning
Reach and create a world of unlimited potential
Bear Medicine Essence:
To find inner strength and confidence
Courage and will power
Inner healing
Shamanic work


Spider Medicine Essence:
Create firm foundations in your life
Help with our ambitions and will
Find balance within our lives
Manifest dreams and desires
Release fear holding you back
Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence:
Restore balance and harmony
Repair damaged DNA to its original state
Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing of unwanted energy/debris.
Work within the heart space.


Munay- Ki Medicine Essence -
Opening and expanding your heart
self-realisation and self-discovery


Pain Away Essence –
To treat physical pain on all levels
Use after a medical procedure to help ease pain
Dealing with painful emotions
Get to the root problem of your pain
Whale Medicine Essence -
Well being
Emotional release
Breathe – believe
Slow down – graceful


Alchemy of Thoth Essence -
Consciously awakening
Discovering your soul’s purpose
Aid sleep patterns
 Vivid dreams
 Pineal gland activation
 Greater insight and visions
 Increased visions
Strengthen spirit connection
Alter your vibrational frequency


As a recommendation, 9drops/3 times a day to be placed under the tongue. If you prefer not to ingest, you can rub into an area on your body, place into your cooking, beverages or even carry the bottle in your pocket. It is best to keep the essences away from EMFs to avoid any interference with the frequencies.
The essences are very much like a homeopathic, as a rule you are treating like with like. They are a natural method of treating the self W-holistically on all levels of our being. They can be taken with Western Medicine but please note, they are not to be replaced by your prescribed pills. If you do, it is totally at your own discretion.
Essences can also be intuited to how you want to take them as there is no set rule.
Shake bottle well before use. One way to fully activate the essence and bring it in line with your energetics, is to succuss (tap) the bottle on your palm or even the heel of your foot. It has been suggested to tap 108 times but I feel again to intuit it or work with a multiple of 9 as it is the universal vibration. 108= 1+0+8=9.