Manifestation Grid for the Full Moon and Equinox March 2019

Manifestation Grid for the Full Moon and Equinox March 2019

Manifestation Grid for the Full Moon and Equinox March 2019

Full moon in Libra and autumn/spring equinox depending where you are in this beautiful world.

I have created this divine, high frequency grid to be worked with by all. i will also create an elixir from it.

a powerful day today as we work in a 333 day 21/3/2019 = 2+1=3/3/2+0+1+9=12=1+2=3.

333 is all about our growth, expansion, expression, abundance on all levels of our emotions, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Increased psychic abilitites, our soul and life purpose.

The equinox , depending on which hemisphere you live in, will give you insight to what you concentrate on.

Northern hemisphere is the spring equinox. The days get longer, you may find yourself spring cleaning ( mind you I'm in the South and I spent yesterday fully cleaning my business space). Tt's to do with new beginnings, growth both personally and in business, renewal and balance on all levels of your being. In the south, we are heading into shorter days, it’s more about introspection and what it is we need to shed, old outdated belief systems and anything that doesn’t honour or work for you.

With the full moon in Libra, in the sun sign of Aries , balance is very important at this time. Balancing the conscious and subconscious, your personal and business life and polarities.It is a time of re-emergence, metamorphing and shedding the old to bring in the new.In Aries, the first astrological sign in the zodiac, mends it its tome to take action.

In this grid, you will see I have used singular words. My perception and intention is already ingrained energetically . As it would have been too much to write out full affirmations, I will give you examples of what the words affirm and how you personally can use them.

Health - My body is my temple - optimal health and well being are my priority. Manifestation -I am in full control of my life, which allows me to manifest my dreams and desires. Relationships - I create harmonious relationships with people in my life. Believe - to believe is to receive.

Background music - 528 HZ- Source Vibrations