L.A.B.- Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle and Essential Tremor

L.A.B.- Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle and Essential Tremor


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My dad has been asking me to create an elixir for his essential tremor. He came over today and we got talking and started investigating how working with vibrational elixirs can help his Essential Tremor.

Dad has found that stress is a big factor for him, followed by stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. He has gone through phases of cutting out the coffee and alcohol and it has made a difference but it doesn't stop the tremor. Today when he was over, he had a cup of coffee and a small glass of scotch.

I went through my stock bottles of my L.A.B - Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle as well as a couple of elixirs I have created for personal use in the past. The results are remarkable. Firstly, the difference whilst holding the individual elixir showed a difference in comparison to holding nothing and how each effect him differently.

After we filmed the first segment, I put together an elixir specifically for him and the results speak for themselves. At first I was looking at the initial effect. However, as time went by and we were busy talking, I realised just how significant the outcome would be.

This video, as you will notice, has been filmed casually in my home and I was over the moon with the results. I think the majority of my speech is based on WOW and OMG and amazing and awesome lol. Yes, even I surprise myself and I was over the moon and you can see for yourself the effects.

All elixirs I create are based on energy, frequency and vibration and are completely safe to ingest.