Dreams are coming to Fruition 1-7 July

Dreams are coming to Fruition 1-7 July


Reading July 1-7

A big week ahead energetically with the full solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer.

In conclusion, your hard work, the foundations you have been putting into place and the manifesting you have been doing , is coming to fruition .

Remember, always speak your truths , speak out when it is necessary.

Each of us is going through huge shifts and awakening the knowledge and wisdom within us. Meditate, mindfulness or take time to be to listen to your intuition and your soul’s calling .

Take action in the area of your life that needs to be anchored and worked on to bring to fruition. Keep workin g on all relationships that are important, in particular with yourself. As our cup overflows, it’s easier to the give to others, especially the ones we love but also in our working environment and with friends.

This week will see many of us revisiting parts of our lives that need revision. It may be quite emotional as well. Whether male ot female, truly embrace the feminine aspect of self this week and given we are in the sign of ♋️ , it could explain it as well.

Overall, I feel a beautiful week that is going to see a lot of accomplishments being achieved. Embrace and honour all that comes your way as everything happens for a reason and on a whole I feel more and more people are starting to understand at a much deeper level or it will be shaken into them now.

Much love

Emily x