About Emily

About Emily

To introduce myself, I am Emily Kisvarda and I work with adults and children in times of vulnerability, grief and crisis, giving them everyday life tools to support their journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

My early career on the wards as a registered nurse taught me a lot about crisis, both medical and emotional, but my greatest learning has come through my own life experiences which have led me on a journey of spiritual discovery and holistic wisdom.

In 2004 I lost my brother-in-law to a drug overdose and then 2 weeks later my husband died of cancer. Three years after my husband’s passing my mother tragically lost her short fight to breast cancer.

I have four beautiful children, all of whom have experienced devastating grief and have dealt with their loss on an individual level. Life has been very hard at times, to say the least.

To cope I turned to natural healing to help me endure my own grief whilst still being available to help my children. Even though I come from a very clinical background I found I was drawn to learn about and then eventually work with Reiki and other forms of energy healing intuitively as well as learning about crystals.

The longer I have worked with crystals and used integrated healing within my work, I realised the potential of incorporating my knowledge and understanding into creating divine templates and producing high quality vibrational essences. Over time, I have discovered how beautiful it is to not only work with crystals but also sacred geometry, colour, sound, animals and all elements of nature, from twigs, fruit, flowers, leaves, bark, feathers and herbs. The list is endless. I feel I have discovered “The Music of the Spheres”, the ability of adding the ingredients of sound, light, frequencies, as well as Galactic and Earth rhythms to produce the most amazing ‘music composition’.

Each template and essence in which I birth, are unique and each hold their own energy frequency and thus will work at different levels, through our subtle bodies and into our physical body. Both can be used in many ways and work wonderfully as a complimentary therapy with other modalities you may be working with as well.

Any crisis within our lives can trigger some form of emotional and mental response. There are ways we can learn to acknowledge, control and heal these situations. By doing this we ultimately can see the gift within the crisis and rise above it whilst taking what we need from the situation to heal on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.