About Us

Vision - To alchemise frequency into an elixir  that will nurture, balance and heal the soul.

Mission - To inspire you on your journey of self - healing and self - discovery by accessing energetic tools which are provided for us through nature.


Introduction to  Emily and Phoenix Gateway



I am Emily Kisvarda. In 2004 I lost my husband to cancer and tragically, my mother past 3 years later. I have four beautiful children, all of whom have experienced devastating grief and deal with their loss on an individual level.

My early career on the wards as a registered nurse taught me a lot about crisis, both medical and emotional, but my greatest learning has come through my own life experiences of pain, loss, grief and despair. I led myself on a journey of spiritual awakening and discovery .

I am an integrated healer, author, researcher, alchemist, teacher and lifelong student of all things energy. I assist others to align with energetic frequencies that empower them to create change on all levels of their being. I have learnt how to work with universal energy of both the seen and unseen to assist the release of old and outdated belief systems .

Over time, I have discovered how beautiful it is to not only work with crystals but also sacred geometry, colour, sound, animals and all elements of nature, from twigs, fruit, flowers, leaves, bark, feathers and herbs, crystals and metals. The list is endless. I feel I have discovered “The Music of the Spheres”, the ability of adding the ingredients of sound, light, frequencies, as well as Galactic and Earth rhythms to produce the most amazing ‘music composition’.

To further this, I have had a strong calling to guide others on a transformational journey to specific sacred sites around the world. To tap into the energetic blueprints in which these sites hold . I look forward to inspiring and nurturing others on their path of self - healing and self - discovery. It becomes a magical, alchemical process that can help heal (lifelong) painful experiences, find your inner peace and guide you to reignite your passion for life.

Are you ready to take the plunge and come journey with me ?

(Please be aware that they are not a replacement for medical care, professional counselling or guidance. They are seen as a complimentary therapy that can be used in conjunction with medical treatment. I take no responsibility for any health decisions made by the client, if they so choose, to terminate any treatments they are having or using as this is solely the ownership of the client in question).

Much love,

Emily K





Bachelor of Nursing (Degree)
Reiki I, II, IIIA
Certificate in Advanced Crystal Healing
Intuitive/Energetic Healing Practitioner
Crystal Light Healing Practitioner and Teacher
Pellowah Practitioner

Alchemist L.A.B. - Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle
Teacher of energy, frequency and vibration with a love for sacred geometry and crystals.