About Us


Empowering the Soul through nature’s resonance


To facilitate the awakening of the souls journey through self-healing and self-discovery.

I reconnect people to who they are, to see that through crisis there is a gift awaiting.

I assist you in creating your desires, dreams and aspirations to anchor your soul’s purpose.

Through our teachings we help people to harness nature’s resonance and harmonics through specific energetic tools to find insight and illumination.

Consciously create change and rise like the Phoenix.

Introduction to  Emily and Phoenix Gateway

I am Emily Kisvarda. I work with adults and children in times of vulnerability, grief and crisis, giving them everyday life tools to support their journey of self healing and self discovery.

My time on the wards as a registered nurse taught me a lot about crisis both medical and emotional but my greatest learning has come through my own life experiences which lead me on a journey of spiritual discovery.

Since 2004, I have lost my brother-in-law to drug overdose, 2 weeks later my husband died of cancer. Three years after my husband’s passing my mother tragically lost her short fight to breast cancer.

I have four beautiful children , all of whom have experienced devastating grief and have dealt with their loss on an individual level. Life has been very hard at times, to say the least.

To cope I turned to natural healing to help me endure my own grief whilst still being available to help my children. Even though I come from a very clinical background I found I was drawn to learn about and then eventually work with Reiki and other forms of energy healing intuitively as well as learning about crystals ( being my biggest passion).

I have had experience in alternative therapies now since 2004 and have gained a special love of crystals and how they can quietly help people heal without being invasive or challenging. Not only do I love to work with crystals in servicing and supporting each individual needs, I also love to teach others how they work on a personal level as well as within our environments in which we work and play.

As my young family came to deal with their own grief I have had to learn to deal with teenage anger, the grief of children, depression, ADD, anxiety, adolescent drinking and self harm. Whilst working through all these challenges I was also dealing with my own grief. I’ve found challenges are thrown at you at any time, any place. It’s learning to deal with and acknowledge these challenges and learn to rise above them that helped me cope. This in my experience has come by creating a balance between conventional and alternative therapies.

I now believe when we feel as if we have come to the end of the road and feel helpless; this is when we can go within to find answers. Through my experiences I can assist you on these levels of support to find that opening to allow that light to help shine through once again.

Any crisis within our lives can trigger some form of emotional and mental response. There are ways we can learn to acknowledge, control and heal these situations. By doing this we ultimately can see the gift within the crisis and rise above it whilst taking what we need from the situation to heal on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

I offer sessions one on one as well as offer distant healing through gridding and creating essences.

Phoenix Gateways main aim is to create high vibrational gridding templates and essences to work on all levels of healing by attuning our mind, body and soul to the different healing frequencies within each of the products channelled.

My work is all based around sacred geometry. That is a sacred language of the universe using patterns which can be seen within our entire galaxy from the atomic (micro) to the galactic (macro). These patterns present themselves through nature, designs and structures all over the world.  It is the template in which the material universe in every aspect known is based upon.

The deeper I find myself delving into the mysteries of the universe through quantum physics and sacred geometry, I realise that this is a field I would love to teach and incorporate into people’s everyday lives. We all have at our fingertips the ability to understand that our thoughts can shift our reality as well as our health and our happiness as thoughts are energy and energy is changeable.

Through our understanding of energy, frequency, light, sound and sacred geometry – the light language of the universe, and it’s incorporation into gridding with other materials of different vibrating frequencies, we increase our own awareness of healing on all levels from the subtle bodies down to the physical. As more people become aware of this shift, then in time we will create a chain reaction and a shift of consciousness globally will start to occur and ultimately bring us to a place of purer love and thought and ultimately a more harmonious life for all.

Much love,




Bachelor of Nursing (Degree)
Reiki I, II, IIIA
Certificate in Advanced Crystal Healing
Intuitive/Energetic Healing Practitioner
Crystal Light Healing Practitioner and Teacher